Wright Software Solutions Company, Inc. was formed in 1994 with an initial focus on the development of real-time financial applications on the VAX/VMS platform. In 1997 the company became aware of the growing interest in Internet online banking and began offering quality assurance testing of those applications. It was during that time that we began exploring Cold Fusion, which a client was using, and the rest is history.

Today, Wright Software Solutions specializes in the development of Cold Fusion applications for small to medium-sized businesses. Some of the types of applications that we've worked on include: Content management, e-Commerce, publishing, and event management. Below you will find the technical skill set the company current utilizes.
Programming Languages
Cold Fusion
Database Software
SQL Server
Oracle (TOAD)
Operating Systems
Windows 2000
If you need assitance developing a new application or maintaining/modifying an existing application, please contact us at info@wssc-inc.com.